About Our Ranch…

Chapter 2 Ranch & Horse Motel is the leading horse staycation destination in west Texas.  We are family owned and operated and true horse lovers. We understand how tiring long drives can be so we have created an atmosphere that will surely make you feel at home.

The staff at Chapter 2 are experienced equestrian caretakers who will assist in any way possible.  We take pride in our property so you can expect it to be clean, organized, and welcoming. We offer amenities that will allow you to park your LQ and stay with your horse(s), you can dry-camp but if you’re in need of a hot shower and comfortable bed, we’ll help get you booked at one of the local hotels.

Chapter 2 Ranch & Horse Motel is conveniently located just minutes from the highway. Our town is little, friendly and packed with historic sites, restaurants that offer good food, and hotel accommodations for the not so picky or for anyone who may want to feel like royalty for the night.

We hope you’ll consider stopping by and seeing how beneficial a little rest will be at Chapter 2 Ranch. See ya soon!


Clean – Great Staff – Safe & Secure

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